Friday, 22 March 2013

Miss Amelia

We recently attended a wedding in Tasmania & Amelia was the flower girl. I made her the Violette Fields "Chloe Dress" & she looked stunning.

My sister in law helped me to do her hair as due to an incident a couple of weeks earlier involving a curling iron & her ear she was not letting one come near her again so rag ringlets it was. Since I have never done these before a "please help me" call was made to my SIL who has had a number of years practise with dance concerts to come to my rescue. She did & the curls turned out brilliantly & actually held in her hair. Amelia has long superfine hair that is dead straight & the curls fall out of after about 30 minutes.

It was a very long day for Amelia & even though she ended up with sore blistered feet she did a really good job & looked gorgeous.

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